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altspace coworking | by TMRRW INC

How much does Coworking in Sarnia really save you?

You’ve probably heard about Coworking in Sarnia but are unsure of what it entails. That’s ok! Coworking in Sarnia is new but very exciting. To get context on why it exists in the first place, let’s take a look at some of the hurdles small business owners have to overcome to start up their business.

The heart of Downtown Sarnia. Where famous businesses such as The Imperial Theatre, Blackwater Coffee, The Refined Fool and up and coming altspace are located.

Office Space / Rent

The first thing most small businesses look for is the real estate to operate their business. There are many contributing factors that influence this decision as well as the cost.

This is where questions come up such as:

  • How big is the place?
  • How maintained is the place?
  • Where is the place?
  • How much does it cost and how long do I have to stay?

All valid questions when you are about to commit to something big.

On average, a good office in Sarnia around 1000 square feet can cost up to $1000 – $1500 in just rent alone. Very intimidating for someone trying to enter the world of business.

Coworking in Sarnia with alt space will lower the barrier of entry for business owners with its flexible pricing for only a fraction of the price while including luxury areas that you don’t see in $1000-$1500 offices.

Don’t think we forgot about the cafe office workers.

Let’s say on average you work 6 hours days from Monday to Friday. The only purchase that is required is a Coffee. If you don’t want spit in your drink, you’ll buy 1 drink every 3 hours. The drink will range from $2-$6. Let’s do some quick maths.

2 Coffees with average Coffee Cost ($4 x 2) = $8

Add 5 days a week ($8 x 5) = $40

Monthly Total ($40 x 4) = $160

On average, the cafe office hustle will cost you $160 / month. Not bad considering you are doing working full time and lowering your overhead. What if I told you there is a cheaper alternative that can provide more value?

Coworking in Sarnia at alt space offers flex desk packages for $100 / month meaning you get a desk to work at, with fibre access internet and complimentary coffee. You also get to network with other entrepreneurs.


Getting space is one thing but having to get furniture is a whole other issue. Of course, you can go extremely cheap and get furniture that can break down and be unhealthy for you but investing in furniture is expensive. Even if it’s financed.

Having coworking in Sarnia is very effective because you only pay a fee of a coffee per day and you have access to meeting rooms, desks and ergonomic chairs.

Office furniture


It’s 2018. Fast internet is no longer a luxury. Most internet service providers won’t give you cheap rates because you classify as a business. Once you get an internet package that suits your needs, you are waiting for web pages to load. It’s horrible.

At altspace we don’t let you worry about speeds as we have the first true fibre optic line in Downtown Sarnia. All of this is included in all of our base packages.

fibre internet connection


Entrepreneurs and professionals will find value in coworking in Sarnia immediately. We encourage you to check out our offerings if you are a serious entrepreneur or someone looking to get into the industry.

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